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Only Fear


Mindhunters, Book 1

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The Mindhunters, Book One

Fear: the most primal of human emotions, and evil’s most powerful weapon.

Dr. Maggie Levine chose a profession where she could help people. However, after a violent incident with a psychiatric patient leaves her scarred and vulnerable, she prefers keeping a safe distance. Her job as a radio talk show host gives her the opportunity to help while providing a sense of security—until one of her callers begins stalking her. 

Former Secret Service Agent Ethan Townsend found his niche as a personal security expert who protects people from the monsters of the world. Employed by the Society for the Study of the Aberrant Mind (SSAM), he can use his skills to help clients, and to bring violent repeat offenders to justice. When Maggie becomes his next assignment, the stakes will be the highest he’s ever faced, especially since he’s falling for her.

When Maggie’s stalker turns to murder to gain her attention, he makes it clear he’s intent on teaching her a lesson. Will Ethan’s skills be enough to protect Maggie from a killer who thrives on other people’s fear?

86,000 words

Avenging Angel


Mindhunters, Book 2

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The Mindhunters, Book Two

She’s an inspiration—for murder.

Detective Noah Crandall is used to hunting killers, but this time it’s personal. When his best friend’s niece is murdered, Noah returns to his roots in New York City. But he’s out of his depth when it comes to questioning one of the victim’s coworkers, Vanessa Knight. His chemistry with Vanessa is off the charts, but the gritty world he dwells in is miles apart from her uptown upbringing. A relationship between them would never work.

Vanessa Knight might have come from money, but she’s also an expert in the New York City art scene, which has become the obsession of a serial killer. She’s eager to help solve the murder of a young woman she considered a friend. When sexy outsider Noah comes to her for assistance in navigating the unfamiliar waters of her world, she’s inexplicably drawn to him.

What neither of them realize is the killer needs Vanessa—to be his next “angel.” If Noah can’t stop him, she’ll become the killer’s next gruesome masterpiece.

91,000 words

Deadly Bonds


Mindhunters, Book 3

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The Mindhunters, Book Three

Life tore them apart. Death is about to bring them together again.

After his wife’s death, Dr. Holt Patterson threw himself into his work as a criminal profiler. Catching killers was something he had some control over while the rest of his life imploded. Unfortunately, his work ethic hurt his relationship with his young son, Theo. Torn between making the world a safer place for his son and learning how to balance family with his life’s mission, Holt is barely keeping his head above water.

Sara Burns, the director at the prestigious academy Theo attends, once loved Holt Patterson, but he married her best friend. A decade later, Sara channels her energy and focus into the school, its students, and helping Theo through a tough time. But when Holt enters her orbit again, she realizes her feelings for him weren’t gone, they’d just gone dormant.

When a stalker develops an interest in Sara, Holt is determined to protect her, and old emotions spark to life. Can they get past their history and survive the present to build a future together?

90,000 words

Dark Deeds


Mindhunters, Book 4

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The Mindhunters, Book Four

They’ve both been keeping secrets, and it’s keeping them apart.

Security specialist Becca Haney is climbing the career ladder at the Society for the Study of the Aberrant Mind, also known as SSAM. Protecting clients is her passion. Protecting the sexy detective she’s developing feelings for is her duty. Knowing her past could damage his efforts to rebuild his career, she walks away after a brief affair, determined to never look back.

New York City Detective Diego Sandoval is accustomed to tracking the most hardened of criminals and solving the most puzzling of cases, but Becca’s abrupt end to their budding relationship leaves him confused and frustrated. Luckily, his new assignment protecting her from the human trafficking ring she’s been investigating gives him another shot at understanding the intriguing woman. But he’ll have to get past her defenses first.

When Becca acquires another admirer, known only as “the Fan,” she’ll need Diego’s help. The Fan believes he’s the perfect partner for her—and he’ll kill to prove it. Becca and Diego will need to let down their guards if they want to survive.

91,000 words  

Acceptable Risk


Mindhunters, Book 5

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The Mindhunters, Book Five

She’s been trapped by lies, but the truth might finally set her free.

To repay a debt, resourceful receptionist Catherine Montague has been living a lie, and her secret betrayal eats at her conscience. She knows what she has to do to reclaim her life, but revealing the truth could mean losing everything, including the agent she’s fallen in love with. 

For sexy ex-SEAL Max Sawyer, hunting killers gives him a sense of fulfillment he never would have found if he’d followed the path that was his birthright. However, when his latest mission goes horribly wrong, releasing a hardened criminal in Max’s hometown of San Antonio, Texas, it’ll take all of his charm to convince the beautiful and resilient Catherine to serve as a buffer between him and the painful ties from his past.

Amid a manhunt, the re-emergence of a serial killer, and the activity of an organized crime ring known as The Circle, Max and Catherine may be the only ones who can set things right again. That is, if Max can forgive Catherine for her deception before a killer claims her. But is mercy a risk he’s willing to take?

94,000 words

End Game


Mindhunters, Book 6

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The Mindhunters, Book Six

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you make it out alive.

Abby Rhodes learned early on that her gift could do more harm than good, so she stifled her psychic abilities for years. But in an unguarded moment, she touches an object connected to the murders of eleven girls and receives a message—one that could help capture a killer. When a twelfth victim goes missing, she must choose whether to trust her gift and risk everything, or stay silent and possibly jeopardize a young girl’s life.

Tech genius and ex-SEAL Andrew “Einstein” MacKenzie doubts the sexy yoga instructor with the soft smile can help find a killer who has eluded authorities for decades, but he’ll do anything to catch a break in this case—until he learns Abby’s methods have no basis in science. He prefers verified data and reliable statistics that fit neatly into his crime-solving algorithms. This woman, both his polar opposite and his perfect match, threatens to upend his carefully controlled world in every way.

Twenty years ago, the Charmer began his deadly game, killing beautiful young women to serve his needs. Now, the agents at SSAM are breathing down his neck. Determined to stay in control, he initiates a plan to destroy the agency—unless they find him first. It’s a race against the clock as Einstein and Abby hunt the ruthless serial killer, and the winner will take all.

90,000 words

Christmas Stalking


A Mindhunters Holiday Novella

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Chicago prosecuting attorney Gwendolyn Pierce prides herself in being a strong, independent woman. Ignoring the frivolity of the holiday season and working through Christmas might come across as Scrooge-ish to others, but building her career is her focus. Besides, being miserly with her time and attention protects her from getting too close to people and then experiencing the pain of losing them. Her dedication to prosecuting criminals helps her cope with the injustice in the world that took her sister from her.

Defense attorney Matthew Haney looks forward to enjoying all of the usual holiday traditions with his parents and siblings but his thoughts continually stray to a certain sexy woman who is probably spending Christmas alone. Gwen is all work and no play—except for that week they spent together. Their passion ran deep and now she’s under his skin and in his head, even though she’s determined not to let him distract her. 

When a stalker wants Matt for her own and sees Gwen as an obstacle to dispose of, they begin receiving pretty little packages with not-so-pretty presents inside. Confronted by painful ghosts of her past, present, and future, Gwen must decide whether to open her heart and let the man of her dreams in. If Matt can convince the woman he loves he’s worth the risk, they’ll receive the greatest Christmas gift of all—love. 

33,000 words

Until Death


A Mindhunters Holiday Novella

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When Dr. Rachel Montgomery’s friend asks her to be a bridesmaid at a Valentine’s Day wedding set on San Antonio’s famous River Walk, she looks forward to a much-deserved break from her hectic days at the health clinic. Great food, margaritas, and reconnecting with old friends should be the relaxing vacation she needs. And on a holiday meant for celebrating love, she might even find the man of her dreams. But those dreams become a nightmare when her ex-boyfriend uses their reunion to pull her back into his web of lies and greed. She broke away from him once before, but this time, the stakes are much higher.

On personal leave after the tragic loss of his partner, SAPD Officer Jake Rosales is grateful for the distraction of his brother’s wedding. The beautiful and intelligent Rachel is a particularly welcome diversion, but Jake’s not looking to date anyone while he’s recovering. He’s got to get his head on straight first. However, when Rachel becomes a pawn in someone’s deadly games, Jake’s heart overrules his head.

When a member of the wedding party is murdered and Rachel becomes a target for violence, Jake must keep her close in order to ensure her safety. And once she’s in his arms, he never wants to let her go.

31,000 words

Wicked Night


A Mindhunters Holiday Novella

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Artist Fiona Elliot expresses herself through her metal sculptures, and hopes her creations touch the hearts and minds of others—until one of her pieces inspires wicked acts. When a killer contacts her to brag about murder, Fiona needs help. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to trust the sexy detective who answers the call, particularly when he’s the same man who dumped her. Their blind date had ended in a passionate and promising kiss she’s been unable to forget, but apparently Greg didn’t have that difficulty.

Detective Greg Marsh was falling for the talented, sassy artist after one date. But his job doesn’t lend itself well to long-term relationships, so he dumped Fiona to protect them both, no matter how much he wanted that night to end in her bed. But when she’s clearly in danger, and women linked to the local art scene start showing up dead, he can’t resist helping her—especially when being around her makes him feel alive.

When their Halloween becomes the ultimate fright night, Greg is determined to protect the woman he’s falling for. And when he realizes Fiona is what he truly wants, nothing will hold him back.

34,000 words

Deadly Holidays


A Collection of 3 Mindhunters Holiday Novellas

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Death stalks the Mindhunters and their loved ones in three holiday-themed novellas that will thrill and chill.

A Christmas to hope for…

In CHRISTMAS STALKING, Chicago prosecuting attorney Gwen Pierce plans to spend her holiday focused on her career. Defense lawyer Matt Haney knows they can share so much more. When they receive some unsettling gifts, they must work together to find their stalker before someone gets hurt. Confronting the ghosts of Gwen’s past, present, and future will bring her the best gift of all—love.

A Valentine’s Day to live for…

In UNTIL DEATH, Dr. Rachel Montgomery is resilient and hardworking, but when an ex-boyfriend drags her into his web of lies and greed, she becomes a killer’s target. San Antonio Police Officer Jake Rosales has made it his personal mission to keep her safe—until death do they part.

A Halloween night to die for…

In WICKED NIGHT, artist Fiona Elliot has an admirer who would kill for her—literally. While protecting Fiona, Chicago Detective Greg Marsh can’t help falling under her sexy spell. But losing focus could be deadly, especially with a killer lurking on this night designed for fright.

98,000 words

Deceit in the Desert


A Nico & Eve Short Story

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A romantic suspense short story…

Intrepid investigative journalist Eve Reynolds has a passion for justice that often puts her in danger. When she agrees to travel to Phoenix to investigate a drug gang known as the Desert Diablos, she becomes a target. Good thing she has a guardian angel.

DEA undercover agent Nico Johnson is no angel. He’s definitely human, and his weakness for Eve proves it. She’s tough and capable, but he’s watched from afar to make sure she’s safe. The woman has a reckless streak that would have her running headlong into a raging storm to save a stranger. This time, his gut is telling him she’s in more danger than she can handle.

The ruthless Desert Diablos will do anything necessary to take out a threat to their drug-running organization. Nico’s used to fighting threats like them. What he can’t fight is his growing desire for Eve. Despite his good intentions, he can’t resist her. After all, everything’s hotter in the desert.

10,000 words